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About Us

Fundamental -

Biblical fundamentalism is always marked by :

  1. ecclesiastical separation from unbelievers or those who seek common ministerial cause with unbelievers or brethren who propagate false doctrine.
  2. defense of absolute truth as revealed in God's Word the Bible (King James translation for those who speak and read English). (Taken from "22 Terms to Know in the 21st Century!- Fundamental Evangelistic Association).

Bible Believing-

We interpret the Bible from a literal meaning unless the context indicates otherwise.


Evangelistic -

We believe that the command to " Go and preach the gospel to all creatures" (Mark 16:15) is to be taken literally. Salvation is by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ. The foundation of salvation is the substitution death of Jesus Christ on the cross and shedding of His blood as the payment for sin.

First Baptist Church 150 South Brown Street Grafton, Illinois 62037 Phone: 618-786 -3379